Kickstarter Reward Update

I’m a little late to the blog on this one, but after the Kickstarter for our animated short ‘Muffin Buds’ made our funding goal, I designed all kinds of Muffin Buds-themed rewards to send out to our backers. We made sketch books, chapsticks, keychains, stickers, postcards, etc. The design above was printed on some hip t-shirts by the folks at Fresh Pressed. The three smaller images are the labels that went on our chapsticks- they really came in those crazy flavors! 

The actual 4 1/2 minute short is well on its way to completion. With the help of some stellar New York animators, and no shortage of blood, sweat, and tears on my part, we’re just a handful of shots away from full animation! We’ll be releasing a trailer in just a few weeks- we’re stoked!