The Pink Panther

Working in commercial animation, every now and then you get the wonderful (and *gulp*...daunting) opportunity to take a crack at a famous character. This year has been great for that- first with Cap'n Crunch, and then with the one and only Pink Panther! Researching animation reference for this project was a joy, considering so many talented animators & directors have worked on him throughout the decades. Looking at the work of Friz Freleng, Bob Kurtz, Eric Goldberg, etc... I was quite motivated and inspired to keep that panther attitude (even when he's doing something as mundane as installing foam insulation!). His character model is a bit different these days, unfortunately rendering him a bit less animation friendly, creating some challenges along the way. Still it was a fun project and I was so glad to be a part of it with the stellar crew at Imaginary Forces

The Finished Animated Short...

Muffin Buds! It's a freakish cartoon that only its mother could love. I had a great time creating this 5 min short, but I must admit I'm not sure what to do with it now. It was a great learning experience. It gave me the opportunity explore some weird weird stuff and work with a handful of my most talented pals. Written by my buddy Eric Aldama, this whole thing would never have happened if we didn't cross paths in a random hometown hang once upon a Christmas time, years ago. It was a night for highschool pals goofing off, playing the best game of Scattergories of all time, and finally conceiving of this muffiny world complete with a grotesque flying fig cookie. 

Loop De Loop


This is long overdue- last June I participated in the bi-monthly animation challenge Loop De Loop. My interpretation of the theme "FOOD" is exhibited in this dutiful toast fairy above. This lil guy screened in LA and Melbourne along with about 130 other tasty, tasty loops. 

The Cap'n Crunch Show

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 12.01.57 PM.png

My latest work, hot off the presses. Produced by the talented team at Visual Creatures, I contributed all the character animation for this particular episode of The Cap'n Crunch Show. Characters were animated in Flash, scenes comped in AE. Stay 'tooned for more episodes on the Cap'n Youtube channel!

Muffin Buds Official Trailer

At long last, we've released an official trailer for the 4.5 minute animated short that I created with writer Eric Aldama. It has been shipped out to some film fests so we are awaiting results with fingers crossed!

Harry Potter Book of Spells


One of my most FAVORITE projects of this year is sadly also one I can't post at this time, but hey, if you (or a certain someone in your life of tween age) is in the market for a Harry Potter game, go pick up Book Of Spells for Sony Playstation Wonderbook. I haven't gotten to play it myself but I can promise you dazzling visuals animated in part by yours truly. This was my first video game and my first opportunity to work with the absolutely stellar team at BL:ND.

New Website!


Hurray new website! I've been meaning to update for quite a while, and there are some big changes going on around here, not least of which is that this will now be my primary blog. My Tumblr will soon self-destruct.

Etsy Shop!


Just an update on my efforts to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a member of Team In Training! I’ve decided to put my design and crafting skills to use to maximize my fundraising powers for the organization by opening an Etsy shop called Microwave Toasties. I grew up using these things, but was amazed to find out that a lot of my teammates have never heard of them! Basically they are heatable pillows that you can use just like a heating pad, but more portable and safe since there is no electric cord tethering you in place.

On the team, we are always running into each other in and outside of practice. One way to tell if a fellow runner is a member of Team In Training (Or TNT as we call it) - yell “Go Team!” and they are sure to yell it back. It’s the TNT secret handshake, if you will. So in addition to the fun fabrics I’ve picked up, I’m having custom fabric designs (the two bottom images) printed by Spoonflower to make toasties specially for TNT! 

Buy one and 100% of the money goes to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! :)